Pilates in Harpenden -
Mondays 9.30am, 10.35am and 11.50am at Lourdes hall
Mondays 7.30pm and 8.30pm at Roundwood Park Secondary school
Tuesdays 9.30am and 10.35am at Lourdes hall

Wednesdays 9.30am and 10.35am at Lourdes hall

Thursdays 1.30pm at Lourdes hall

Fridays 1pm at Lourdes Hall

Fridays 2pm at Lourdes hall

Group classes are £11 per session payable at the beginning of the block.
Each block is between 5 and 8 weeks long.

While the popularity of Pilates among adults is well known, Pilates also offers a large range of benefits to children. This includes improved posture and spinal alignment as well as increase in the strength and flexibility of the abdominal and inner muscles of the body. 

Correctly or incorrectly children of this age will formulate the physical attributes that they will take through life. Pilates can help establish correct principles of movement that children will use for their entire lives. 

Working to strengthen their bodies can increase children's self-esteem, stamina, abdominal strength and sleep. That, combined with the focused breathing techniques essential to the exercises, can help children attain a much more serene and less stressful outlook.

I teach 1:1 and small groups of up to 5 at your own home.
These classes are suitable if you want to learn the principles of Pilates and join one of the established classes.
Also for anyone with non-specific back or joint pain who has been advised by their medical practitioner to exercise regularly.

Regular clients receive 25% discount on private lessons.

I currently teach 1:1 Antenatal classes only.

Class locations:
Lourdes hall - Southdown Road, Harpenden AL5 1PF
Roundwood Park school - Roundwood park, AL5 3AE
Please note:
Each class is an hour long.
Classes run in blocks in line with the state school term dates which makes them normally 5 to 8 weeks long.
There are no refunds for missed classes but there is a credit system whereby a missed session can be taken in another class (subject to availability)
Please text me whenever possible if you are going to miss a class or if you will need a place on another class.
I will always try to accommodate your requests but it would be best if you can keep to your normal time slot.
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