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My qualifications:

BSc (Hons) Psychology, Birkbeck College, London

Body Control Pilates teacher level 4

Back Care Practitioner

CPR certificate (Basic Life Support)

About Body Control Pilates:

Body Control Pilates is renowned as a world leading education provider for Pilates teaching.

It offers a programme of exercises from the ‘classical exercises’ that were developed by Joseph Pilates. 

It is of holistic nature bringing together mind and body.

Central to Body Control Pilates is ‘awareness of your own body’. This allows you to achieve relaxation more easily thus handling the stress more effectively.

It can work for anyone irrespective of age or fitness level. Exercises are particularly safe for 

people with back pain.

I regularly attend workshops and developmental weekends with Body Control Pilates Academy 

and other training providers.

Prior to becoming a Pilates teacher:

I gained my first degree (in Linguistics) while living abroad.

Before becoming Pilates teacher I worked as IT and Project Manager. 

During this time I also completed degree in Psychology and gained a diploma in Counselling.

After having children I decided to start working for myself and have chosen teaching Pilates as a career. 

I have tried various sports in the past from yoga to martial arts but have found Pilates to be 

the most effective with long term benefits.

I have always had an interest in health, fitness and nutrition and enjoy teaching and practising Pilates.