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"I have attended Slavica's classes for 5 years and I thoroughly enjoy them. I find Slavica to be very professional, attentive and friendly. She takes time to show and suggest things to you if you are needing help. I do the classes twice a week and wish I could do more!"


"I have been attending Slavica's Pilates classes for 5 years and couldn't live without them. Slavica is an excellent, attentive teacher. The classes are tailored to different ability levels and I can feel the difference it has made to my posture, flexibility and core muscle strenght. I would highly recommend Slavica to anyone."


I have been attending Slavica's pilates class for three years now and I love it. When I first arrived I had very tight shoulders and suffered from headaches but over the course of the term I started to learn exercises to combat this. I have learnt so much in the three years I have been going and have noticed a big difference in the way I move. I have become more supple and have discovered my core strength! Slavica is an excellent teacher and makes the classes interesting and fun. She is highly qualified and can also tailor the exercises to your needs and ability.

I recently joined a gym and the trainer was impressed at my breathing technique and core strength which I know has been down to my pilates training.

Nic S.

"These pilates classes are warm and friendly. All abilities are catered for both men and women. I would highly recommend these classes and have been going myself for nearly 5 years!"


I have been attending Slavica's classes for several years. With lower back problems and poor core strength the classes, and Slavica's teaching, have been fantastic. She becomes aware of your individual strengths and weaknesses very quickly and makes sure that, whilst stretching yourself, you don't attempt anything beyond your capabilities. Her classes are friendly, informal and thoroughly enjoyable. I would recommend them to anyone regardless of their ability, age or gender.

Louise S.

I have practiced pilates for many years, including 4 with Slavica, as it has always been highly beneficial for my complex back problems. In group classes I found Slavica to be highly attentive of all of her students, and the best group instructor I'd ever had.

However, it was when my underlying back problems worsened that Slavica's ability became truly invaluable to my well-being. I had foolishly stopped going to classes given the severity of the problems, and as I also stopped most basic activity, I then lost much of my core strength, compounding the situation and leaving me with a vicious cycle of pain, headaches and mobility issues.

In October 2011, Slavica began to come to me on a weekly 1:1 basis, recommending that I do set daily exercises in between visits. She had always recommended practicing pilates at home and not restricting it to time in classes, but for the first time I really listened to her advice and religiously did her exercises every day. After only a couple of weeks the constant headaches had cleared, and the pain and mobility issues were rapidly disappearing. We eventually dropped her visits to once per month, with a programme of exercises to follow daily. After a few months I was starting to do things that I never thought I'd ever be able to do again. 

Summer arrived, and with it the additional distractions and demands of my family, and my focus on daily pilates was lost. The resulting return of pain, headaches and decreased mobility was a sharp reminder of how easy it is to become complacent when pain has disappeared. Thankfully, I'm now back on track with Slavica's help.

I would very highly recommend Slavica to anyone interested in pilates, but particularly to those with back problems. Just remember, though, that although Slavica is very, very good at what she does, the ultimate responsibility lies with the individual in following through on the programme she sets. Regular pilates is SO much more effective than a once a week visit or class.

J M'Caw, Sept 2012